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What You Resist, Persists!

Discover in this insightful and temptingly priced Special Report what resistance actually is and why it's futile. The facts clearly demonstrate that this old proverb really is true. Learn the value of ceasing to resist change and your new flexibility will drastically improve your success.

There are two versions of What Your Resist, Persists here, in pdf and in epub format. please click on the format you choose.
What You Resist, Persists in pdf format  
What You Resist, Persists in epub format  
Would you rather listen to an audio-book? You can also listen to the timeless wisdom in What You Resist, Persists! in an audio-book from Amazon - click here.
>> Some of the many benefits you will gain from this Special Edition:
  • How to encourage what you do want, not what you don't. section 9
  • Discover the three essential ingredients for success, which one are you ignoring? section 5
  • Overcome your self-sabotage and decrease your painful suffering. section 15
  • Enjoy improving results in achieving your goals and desires. section 2
  • Appreciate your life more, rediscover how to have fun again. section 6
  • Master the five steps to increasing your personal power. section 18
>> How much are the unseen effects of stress and self sabotage costing you today?
Are our books on overcoming self sabotage too expensive? Or are they the bargain of the century?

Can you afford not to invest the time and money needed to increase your success by improving your context? How much are the unseen effects of stress and self sabotage costing you today?
> Unseen as well as Seen Effects
There are always both visible and invisible effects, as explained by economist Frederic Bastiat in his seminal essay: That Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen (opens in a new window). It's an economic fallacy that broken windows have a net benefit rather than just waste money.

The unseen effect? The missing clothes you are unable to purchase because you spent the money repairing the broken window instead.

What difference does this make to your life? It means you need to answer the following questions, how much will your investment in overcoming your self-sabotage be worth to you?

  • How much time do you waste repairing the damage caused by self sabotage?
  • How much money in lost earnings do you not even see because of your self sabotage?
  • How much energy do you waste fighting fires arising from self sabotage which means you don't investigate rewarding opportunities?
> Unseen as well as Seen Effects Video (2:24) - Bastiat's Broken Window
> Each Decrease in Self-Sabotage makes you more Successful
Every decrease in self-sabotage increase your productivity and pays for itself a thousand times over. Since the benefits are intangible, there's no better return available anywhere. Once you know how, no one can take the know-how from you.

The special reports are priced even more attractively - the same as an inexpensive lunch. Miss lunch today, and you'll soon forget, whereas an investment in yourself will benefit you forever! As Benjamin Franklin famously said, the returns last a lifetime:

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest"

We fully guarantee everything. These time-tested secrets of success are delivered electronically - no waiting for delivery. Discover the truth about overcoming your self sabotage, stop reacting and arguing, find out why resistance doesn't work, and change your life.

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