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Reduce your Stress

You'll Enjoy Life more

Life is just the way it is: often stressful. Yet you have your perspective on life - your context - which tells you reality has got things wrong, life should not be stressful. So a perceptive way to look at stress is to see it as the tension between reality - what actually is true - and what your beliefs tell you should be true, but is not.

This tension - the stress - disappears once you have eliminated the gap between reality and what you believe should be happening. But does reality have it wrong? Could it be your beliefs which are deceptive? Or do you realize that, in truth, you don't know.

Which of these approaches is more empowering?

Has Reality Screwed Up Again?

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Choose Truth not Myth to Reduce Stress
Your stress says you're ignoring reality, you're ignoring what is so right now. Unlike you, reality knows no pretense - only what is so. Since things are exactly the way they are, you clearly don't know better than reality. Yet you can change things tomorrow, next week, next year...

Look at the other side of the picture. Whenever you're entirely happy with the way life is and you wouldn't change a thing, do you ever stress? Obviously not. So discover how to see the good, the benefit in life being exactly the way it is, and you'll know how to reduce your stress.

The job of science is to understand and explain what happens in life, so Life Strategies applied its principles to the study of stress. Scientific principles imply that if you do not understand something, you're missing something. Your knowledge is incomplete and you need to learn what you're missing. Yet learning can be stressful.

Life can be Stressful

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When you don't even know you don't know, you're at the first stage of learning: unconscious incompetence. There's no stress at all about such total ignorance. As they say, ignorance is bliss.
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When you realize your ignorance, and know you need to go through the learning curve, the next step conscious incompetence can be very stressful. You get a brand new car which is very different to the old one; to learn your way around it is a challenge needing scarce time and energy.

Many people found learning to drive a car to be very stressful. You got behind the wheel for the first time, looked at the controls and realized there are three pedals but you only have two feet. Suddenly your stress increased massively.

Yet once you start getting the hang of it, as you become consciously competent, your stress starts decreasing. The more you drive, the easier it gets. They say practice makes perfect, and in the third stage of learning, increasing familiarity decreases stress as shown in the stress curve.

When you're unconsciously competent, you just do it. Once you've gained enough experience to drive without deliberate attention, your stress levels go back to zero. You're at this fourth and final stage if you've ever driven home from work and when you find yourself at home you can't even remember making the journey.

Overcome your Stress

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You think you should know how to use a new phone because you know how to use the old one - but you don't. Stress increases as you start to learn anything.

Our high-powered Special Report: How to Reduce Stress, without changing anything you do! will teach you how to take the necessary steps. If you invest a little time and money in yourself, you can discover how to reduce your stress today!

Food for Thought

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"Stress can only come from believing your thoughts about the world. It does not, it cannot, come from the world.
Realizing this is a very major road to inner peace."

- Byron Katie, American speaker and author, teacher of the self-inquiry method called The Work.

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