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How to Stop Smoking

A Common Misunderstanding is that Simple means Easy
- Yet to Stop Smoking is So Simple...

My parents were wondering what was the matter, I'd turned green and vomited up my supper. But I couldn't tell them the cause, I'd only just become a teenager, and they'd have grounded me forever!

Both my father and my mother used to smoke, and had given up when we were young. They'd forbidden us to smoke, but I'd ignored them, cool kids all smoked and I desperately wanted acceptance as cool.

Then a really cool kid posed a crucial question, "Why are you listening to them, they don't know nothing." This hit the spot, my parents had often demonstrated how little they knew at that tender age. So I'd smoked my very first cigarette - and it tasted terrible.
It also made me violently ill, but my determination to overcome such obstacles was fueled by my desire for acceptance. Perseverance is crucial, right? So my self sabotage continued.

It took a while, but I could eventually endure the foul taste along with the way it made me feel. I'd become a success, one of the cool kids at last.

Trust Me - I've Given up Cigarettes Many Times!

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At that time, I had no idea that withdrawal treatment was available. I was enjoying regular sports and needed to be fit, so stopping smoking had become a priority. It turned out to be even more demanding than starting, but I eventually agreed with my parents, cigarettes are bad for you.

I've actually given up cigarettes so many times, I'm a real expert! I could always manage without them for several weeks, but I'd succumb to their attraction again a month later.

Most of them tasted average. Okay, I'll be totally honest - awful. But just one cigarette each day would taste divine, absolutely heavenly. And that one was the reason I kept ignoring the sore threat they caused and starting yet again. Yes, you are right,
my self sabotage mechanism didn’t let see my craving with such clarity at that time.

The Steps I took to Stop Smoking

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What did I do to overcome my self sabotage?

I'll just not smoke was my first attempt. My determination worked for a while, but not much later, I'd gone back to smoking again. I'd learned Emile Coué's famous wisdom first-hand:

When the imagination and the will-power are in conflict, it is always
the imagination which wins - without exception.

Reducing how many I smoked would obviously help, I realized with monumental clarity. Cut down gradually and I'll eventually not be smoking at all. This is how I'd stopped taking sugar in coffee and tea, it would obviously work for cigarettes as well. Guess what? It didn't! Even being generous, it maybe worked for a week at maximum.

I know, I'll stop at a better time, that'll ensure I give up for good. So when my throat hurt from each cigarette the next time, I tried again. A month or two later, when it was completely healed, a cigarette with an accompanying drink again got me hooked.

It didn't take nearly as long to experience that only having a cigarette when enjoying a party would get me restarted. As strategies go, this was a complete and dismal failure.

My Next Attempt Lost me All my Friends

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I know the ideal solution, said my self-sabotage mechanism: I will only have a cigarette when a friend offers me one. What a laugh! I pleaded with both friends and strangers for a cigarette to smoke. Not good for winning friends, although it certainly did influence people.
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Continuing to believe that the key to success was changing my behavior, I came up with the perfect solution: Smoke only when you're holding a drink. Nope, that didn't work either, smoking can lead to alcohol abuse. I was at the bar immediately work was over, as well as at lunch. Surprise, surprise, my work then suffered from the extra alcohol.

wondering what to do, I decided to smoke only after after six in the evening. That had me day-dreaming about the test of my first cigarette, which also affected my job performance.

I was denying that
my addiction was the problem, so I continued to ignore the cause - my context. I hadn't yet realized that taking responsibility for my choices and my behavior meant I needed to improve inside - where I was coming from.

Overlook the Obvious

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My long-time French friend, Jean-Pierre, enjoyed Gaulois cigarettes, strong French ones can be very enjoyable. I had learned to tolerate the nicotine yet the physical pain from my fingers escalated so I eventually bought a cheap cigarette holder to make a difference. My self sabotage was poison to my body, yet I hadn't yet accepted the obvious: I was addicted.

Writing this, my amazing ability to just ignore what should have been completely obvious is astonishing. How could I have ignored the link between my sore throats and the speed they went away when I gave up smoking. Could my pain and suffering really be self inflicted?

How to Achieve any Goal

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Now it's absolutely clear that if what you are doing isn't working, then you can't be doing what does work. To succeed, you have to:

Only do what does work, rather than what doesn't!

It now seems so totally obvious, but in my youth? How many years did I take to accept the undeniable wisdom of only doing what does work? Getting the better of my self-deception took me probably ten years!

Here's how to achieve your goal, put your energy into what you do want. Focus only on the positive - a healthy body with an active mind, vibrant well-being throughout the future... Changes to your actions will be more effective once your goals are phrased positively and then, like me, you'll be able to achieve your goal - such as giving up cigarettes - for ever.

Discover Natural Law

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Natural laws explain how life works. What you Resist, Persists is well-known. Less well-known is how easy and simple relate. It's er, simple.

Easy doesn't mean simple! Nor does easy mean it’s not simple. Saying that something may be easy says not one thing about how simple it is.

The popular wisdom is incorrect, there's absolutely zero correlation between easy and simple. Some simple matters are very difficult, and others are very easy. Yet the lack of correlation is mostly ignored. Confounding the two is
just more self sabotage.

But achieving results means following natural law. That means you need to find out what works, and then follow it. You need to realize that all action inevitably has consequences. Once you integrate this wisdom with your actions, then you'll start seeing dramatic changes to your life.

Okay ... How do I Stop Smoking Forever?

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What's the secret to giving up cigarettes? It’s very simple - very, VERY simple! Just do this. The strategy you follow is immediately effective, permanent, and infallible. It has never once failed.

Is it really that simple? Absolutely! Stopping smoking is very simple. Do only this one simple thing:

Never again put a cigarette into your mouth - ever!

If you can do this simple thing, or rather not do this ever again, then you will have stopped smoking. You'll never smoke again.

However, many of those who have not stopped smoking for good - and those who have never smoked - may reject this advice as unsympathetic, saying it ignores the enormous effort people put into stopping smoking. Yes it does, but that's because this is the only totally successful strategy. In fact, anyone and everyone who has stopped smoking for ever has realized that this is the only way that actually works. Anyone who objects simply fail to recognize the obvious.

What can be more simple? Merely follow this strategy, stay away from this one simple action, and you'll no longer be addicted to smoking. You'll have stopped forever. Yet as millions of people know from vast experience:

Simple does not mean easy!

Food for Thought

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“The Law of Cause and Effect says that everything happens for a reason. For every effect in your life, there is a cause, or series of specific, measurable, definable, identifiable causes.”

Brian Tracy, American author, motivational speaker, self-help guru

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