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Do you Find it Easy to Keep your Commitments?

Tips to Ensure that You can and do Keep Your Promises

If you're wary of making commitments, see that making and keeping promises strengthens your personal power, which helps you realize your dreams. This implies that dislike of commitments is pure self sabotage. So to become more effective in keeping your promises, enjoy these tips to change your life.

Fulfilling a promise always presumes that your life continues as normal. Barring life-changing accidents, there should be no reason why giving your word does not always mean It Will Be Done, 100% guaranteed.

Increase your Personal Power

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To create anything, you use the three tools of creation: Thought, Word and Deed (action). First, you think about it, then you talk about creating it, and then you perform the actions which create it.

The more powerful each step, the more power you have to create the result you desire. Your word is the second step to creation.

Delivering on all your promises and
commitments is the secret of success in increasing the power of your word. See your word as a muscle which needs strengthening. Keeping your word improves your ability to create your dreams. So how do you do this?

Write It Down

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Writing down what you promise and to whom clarifies each of your commitments. Clarity is the secret of success. How can you improve unless you're clear on what you need to do and know when it's complete?

If it's for you, you may be tempted to think, Why bother, it's only for me. Yet you're the centre of your world, and your situation today is the consequences of yesterday's actions. You'll
change your life by keeping your word to yourself, don't shoot yourself in the foot!

Decide on the Timeframe

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Choose a realistic time-table and deadline for its achievement. Without these, it's easier to self sabotage. So do whatever you can do to eliminate procrastination.

Remember that tomorrow never comes, so I'll do it tomorrow is far too vague! Rather say: I'll start it at 2 pm on Saturday 16th, and it'll be completed before supper at 6.

Diarize the Time

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Once you've scheduled the time to do it, you'll change your life by ensuring it's in your diary. If you don't keep a formal diary, then put it in your phone. But don't rely on your memory, that's far too fallible! Maybe write yourself a note to remind you beforehand.

Sign Your Commitment

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Sign and date your commitment. When you sign, you give it your stamp of approval. Putting your signature and date on each promise is how to improve. It gives you more oomph to help you follow through.

Avoid Possible Setbacks

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If you're a football fanatic, and the big game is important to you, then ensure you schedule doing it at a different time. If you know you're exhausted after work, then don't schedule it for an evening.

But if your best friend calls, and wants to talk urgently, that does NOT let you off the hook. Tell them you're too busy now and will call them back later, which is another promise you need to keep.

Consider all the reasons why you haven't fulfilled your commitments in the past. Ensure you schedule it for a time which minimizes the possibility of such
self sabotage occurring.

Will It Happen?

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Ask yourself: What are the chances I will complete this commitment on or before the scheduled time?

If the chances are not 100%, why not?
How to improve is to modify the commitment to avoid this distraction or temptation so you can say it will be done 100% - and mean it!

These strategies will change your life by ensuring that you can always say It Will Be Done by the scheduled time - and mean it!

Food for Thought

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"Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got."

- Janis Joplin, 1943-1970. American singer and songwriter

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