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How to Improve a Bad Mood

Why are you Always so Happy?

The listeners couldn't see it, but I looked at her quizzically. The question was off-base, not on the topic for the interview, and it came as a big surprise. How on earth do I respond to this? I asked myself silently.
Gratitude - Man appreciates lovely sunset
"I'm glad you asked me that question," I responded, "that's a very important area that I do want to discuss with you." I had learned the wisdom of this secret of success many years earlier. Whenever someone throws something unexpected at you, start your answer with these words. They give you another ten seconds to consider how to answer the question - valuable extra thinking time!

I was being interviewed on Radio 2000 in Cape Town, and we were discussing how people can improve their lives. What do you do when you're faced with a new challenge?
Life Strategies has many innovate and creative answers, so I'd been invited back to talk live a second time.

A Big Curve Ball Question

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Several listeners called in with questions, the same format as a couple of months earlier. Then came a lull and Lynne, the interviewer threw me a curve ball, she wanted to know how I avoid a bad mood.

"Why are you always so happy," she asked. The listeners could hear my response, as well as my embarrassment that I didn't know what to say. But the additional thinking time was invaluable and the answer came to me, thank goodness!

The Fundamental Decision You Make First

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At any point, you have a question to answer and a choice to make, I said. The question is, "Do you have an attitude of gratitude?" Before you decide what to do, you make this choice that you rarely even realize you make. Yet this fundamental decision will change your life.

That decision is
whether to be positive or negative. The choice not to self-sabotage is fundamental, and you always make this choice before deciding what to do.

I made that decision many years ago. And I make the same one every time today. You don't make this only once, you make it every time before you choose what to do.

Enjoying Life is Better than Being Miserable

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Many years ago, I realized I prefer enjoying life to being in a bad mood. So I decided to stop listening to my self-sabotage mechanism and look at the positive rather than the negative. There's always a positive somewhere. Why do I say this? I'm glad you asked.

Positive and negative is your judgment, your take on the circumstances. The situation is what it is, there's no positive or negative inbuilt in anything. Nothing has an inherent meaning, your job is to choose its meaning.

This is one reason why arguments are so common. People think that their meaning, their judgment is the right one, the only one. They don't realize there are many different meanings which can be assigned to any one circumstance.

So I prefer to look on the positive side rather than the negative, which means I enjoy life more than most. An attitude of gratitude is now a habit. For me, being happy is a choice, rather than a reaction to the circumstances...

Food for Thought

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"That's just it - you can't drive it, you can't wear it, you can't live in it, you can't drink it, smoke it, snort it, you can't travel to it. Happiness is the experience of the journey. The experience of happiness is the result of how you look at things.
When I look at something I say, can do, no problem.
Happiness is a choice!"

- Denis Waitley, American motivational speaker, writer, consultant, best-selling author

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