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It's My Thought, so it Must Be True!

The Cause of your Self Sabotage

Do you ever find yourself wondering: why did I do that? Something which produced such an unfavorable outcome that you feel a bit stupid? Why do we all do such things?

Are your thought processes so confused that you can't tell good consequences from bad ones? Or don't you know how to think things through in the first place? No, it's neither of these, it's self sabotage!

Your self-sabotage mechanism

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You, me, and everyone else has a self-sabotage mechanism, an inbuilt part of your makeup. Its job is to bring you undesirable circumstances, since only by knowing each and every side of the story can you really know a situation. Without the self-sabotage mechanism you'd only choose attractive consequences. So it's not wrong - although discovering how to avoid self sabotage is definitely worth-while!

The mind presents you with a non-stop continual stream of thoughts. A serious dilemma is that some thoughts are true, yet some are not! Many random, everyday thoughts come from the self-sabotage mechanism, they're designed to prevent progress, to keep you where you are.

Who runs your life?

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You may think you control all your thoughts, but the self-sabotage mechanism tries to hijack them on an ongoing basis. When it gives you a thought, the secret of success is to decide whether to think it or not. If this is not crystal clear then consider: Does your body decide where to go? Or do you decide, and your body does your bidding?

Thoughts from the self-sabotage mechanism include I'll do it later, and who cares what they think.

When it decides what you think, you give it power. When you choose, then your energy gives you inner power!
Change your life by choosing which to make stronger.

Are you gullible?

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When someone tells you something, do you always believe it? Or do you take it with a pinch of salt? Just as with other people, it's important to investigate what the mind tells you. Ask yourself which thoughts might be true, and which ones are not. Don't be gullible.

If you've ever said that it seemed like a good idea at the time, then you know you've followed through on an untrue thought. Such practical experience proves that the hijacked mind gives you untruths.

But if the mind can give you an untrue thought once, then you have proof that it can and does lie. Now you don't just know about this, you really know! Although the self-sabotage mechanism will not want you to see the truth of this conclusion, you know this experientially. Once you've investigated this seriously, then you won't have a shadow of doubt.

Have fun discovering how to
stop your hijacked mind from self sabotage.

Food for Thought

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"The [selfsabotage mechanism] is aligned with being "right," whether being "right' means being in agreement with wisdom
or rejecting it as invalid."

- Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. Psychiatrist, author of Truth vs Falsehood

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