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The 5 Steps to Mastery #5

Explain to Enough People, and You Become a Master

Great, you want to be a Master at something. But how do you achieve mastery? There's a big difference between authentic knowing and mastery, what is that difference? How do you bridge the gap? As with all the other steps, willingness to invest yet more effort is one secret of success in this last step to mastery.

Mastery takes yet significant energy, as does authentic knowledge. There are many ways to give a subject energy: Experience, practice, doing it, exercising, failing, making mistakes, repeating, applying, studying, learning, action... Many think that mastery comes with all these, years of practice, and much learning.

These can all
change your life, they all deepen your authentic knowledge, but they don't make you a Master. What does?

Explain to Another

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Have you ever had to explain something, battled to find a way to get the information across, and then found one? In searching, you realize you've improved your own understanding and now know it better yourself. Many people have had this experience, how about you?

Yes? Then you already know the last
step to mastery: you've experienced its secret of success: teaching. To master something, teach it to others!

To teach someone, you need to see things from his perspective rather than just your own. You explain it from her point of view, which gets you seeing it from her new and different viewpoint.

Teach Many Others

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Another person will have her own unique context, and so explaining to her will again need you to see things from her different perspective. And so on...

Teaching other people will change your life, it requires you to know the subject from their different viewpoints. When you know it from all viewpoints, you're a Master. Knowing a subject from each and every possible angle is a good definition of mastery.

Yet this is a very different perspective on mastery. Common knowledge says you must first become a master, and then you can teach. But this is backwards. Waiting to teach makes mastery unreachable, because you never fulfill the last
step to mastery. It's what you learn by teaching other people that makes you a master.

The difference between the lower level of authentic knowing and mastery, the last level, is once more time and energy. Yet again, willingness to invest more time and energy is the
secret of success in the last step to mastery.

Become More Effective

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Now you know why I write these articles, they help me master Life Strategies: the unique cutting-edge methodology to become more effective, overcome your self sabotage and achieve more with less. Crucial techniques to achieve my goals and dreams with less delay. Interested?

Experience changes you internally, you can feel the shift. Then you can utilize your increased inner power as and when needed. Your internal change means you can become the change you seek. If you want peace, be peaceful - and learn how to ignore all temptations to the contrary. As Mahatma Gandhi said:

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Food for Thought

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"I didn't understand how funny [Shakespeare's} play Much Ado About Nothing truly was until I became an English teacher and had to teach it. There is no wittier dialogue anywhere."

- Dan Brown, American best-selling author, songwriter, pianist.

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