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Inner Motivation #4

The Two Wolves inside your Head

Which Wolf do you Normally Listen To?

Cherokee Indians have an interesting insight explaining how you motivate yourself. They say everybody has two wolves living inside their head: you have a black wolf and a white wolf!

The black wolf feeds on negativity, it lives to bring you undesirable experiences. It's the enemy within, also known as your self-sabotage mechanism.

The white wolf is on your side, it helps you realize your dreams and feeds when you're positive. So it quietly suggests actions which are the secret of success, they enable you to enjoy more desirable consequences.

The Black Wolf

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Scary Black Wolf hides and manipulates you
Since you wouldn't follow the black wolf if it were honest, it lies to manipulate you into following its dictates. So it shouts, insists, and makes up false choices and spurious negative consequences. It says you have no choice by denying alternatives. You'll change your life once you see its pretense to be you, insisting you do whatever it recommends, no matter how destructive.

The black wolf tells you untruths so you break your word. Since one lie needs a thousand others to support it, you lose integrity. It advises against exercise, wholesome foods, and healthy habits.
The self-sabotage mechanism is also the source of negative emotions which lead you to behaviors which in saner moments, you would never dream of. Actions that you will later ask yourself, "What on earth was I thinking of?"

In short, the black wolf pretends and misleads, uses half-truths, deception, broken promises, and outright lies along with negativity and emotional manipulation to get its way. It's in charge whenever you find yourself saying: no, no, I can't, I hate this, I won't do that...

The White Wolf

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Small White Wolf voice is Calm and Still
The white wolf is quiet and truthful, listening to it will change your life. It allows you to choose freely, it never insists. But it will advise you when something is a bad idea, some call this your conscience, your still small voice of calm.

It wants synergy, a win-win for everyone, cooperation. It recognizes that some only learn from mistakes, so is willing for you to be wrong...

The white wolf likes positive values and morals. You're listening to the white wolf willingly when you say "I don't know, but let me check it out." When you ignore it, you generally find its advice was sound...

Feeding your Wolves

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Each wolf feeds when you listen and follow it. You have been feeding both forever, which makes them bigger. The bigger they get, the stronger they become, and the more food they want. So the size of each wolf depends on how much food you have given it up till now.

In your life so far, how much time have you spent feeding each one? Write down your percentage for each wolf, total 100%.

Here's a crucial question which can change your life: Which wolf do you want to become larger, stronger?

Which wolf are you feeding right now?
Did you just self sabotage? The secret of success is to realize that if you didn't write down those percentages as suggested, you've just fed the black wolf!

Food for Thought

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"Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life."

- W. Clement Stone, 1902-2002, Author, Businessman, Philanthropist

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