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How is your Inner Motivation?

He was Visibly Happy

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He was smiling broadly, obviously delighted with himself. It was lunch time, and we were on our way to have a bite together. We'd just finished a productive meeting and I'd suggested we eat together. He had no plans so we both went out to find lunch.

Over lunch we were chatting about the unseasonable weather, in fact about how perpendicular the walls were today, along with other equally important subjects. Yet my unanswered question nagged me, I continued to wonder exactly why he was so obviously happy.

Then the obvious way to find out struck me - ask him!

His Very Good Reason

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His Progress Motivated his Broad Smile
The bank sets me production targets, he replied, and the nice loan we've just signed helps towards my quota. I'm well on track, it's all going very smoothly.

He was my bank manager, and I'd set up the appointment to apply for a loan. He was pleased with my financial position and the other details of my proposed investment, and readily signed the necessary documents to advance the funds. The bank knew the
secret of success, its production targets had given him inner motivation and ensured his enthusiastic cooperation.

Yet his answer came as a big surprise, although I said nothing it
changed my life. It opened up a completely new line of thinking, one that gave me a drastically new perspective on banks and the banking business.

Do You Qualify?

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Banks always want to ensure you "qualify" for a loan. They want to examine your finances in detail so they know they'll get their money back, which is entirely reasonable. Yet in doing so, they like to give the impression that they're doing you an enormous favor whenever they give you any line of credit. They continue the pretense even if you're just opening an account so you can give them your money.

Even bank sales people calling you unsolicited on the telephone do the same. They have the phrase provided you qualify written into their script which they read as they talk to you. Yet although they're cold calling you to drum up business, they take the same arrogant approach.

"Do you qualify" is a phrase that gives me the wrong sort of inner motivation. It says that they think they're better than you the lowly supplicant who's nowhere near their exalted level. Yet they're magnanimously prepared to do you a favor and consider doing some business with you, but only if you can prove you're worthy of such generosity.

We're All Equal

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Since, existentially, we are all equal, I treat people as equals. We're all part of the human race, although everyone's physical, mental and emotional capabilities are, obviously, all different. Equality of opportunity lets you advance by changing your perspective and improving your capabilities.

Everybody's worth as a person is a measure of their character. It's not their possessions, nor their physical achievements, nor the amount of money they have in the bank. It's not even the amount of inner power they have.

Is a child worth less than an adult? Yet they have no money, are weak physically, and their emotional strength and control leaves much to be desired? Most mothers see the worth of their own children, as do their fathers.

Life Strategies treats all people as equal. Although we all look different and have different capabilities and levels of mastery in life, we all self sabotage. A big part of improving your life is your inner motivation, even when, as for my bank manager, this was provided externally.

Food for Thought

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"I have a dream that my four little children will one day ... not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

- Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929-1968, Ph.D. 1964 Nobel peace prize, assassinated civil rights activist, nonviolent civil disobedience advocate, brilliant orator. Gave "I have a dream" speech in 1963.

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