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Enjoy Living with Principles

The Major Benefits of Honor and Integrity

It was very disappointing! The omission - what Cameron's email did not contain. I was considering investing a healthy sum of money with his company, he's while I am English Canadian. We'd met doing a personal growth seminar, and connected well.

He invests in real estate, both for himself and his clients, he had said. "My clients don't have reality expertise or the time to manage investments in real estate yet they enjoy the substantial returns I make for them."

"I'm interested and have some funds to invest" I'd replied, "Let's investigate." His proposal looked very viable when it arrived by email, it seemed to be a very attractive investment.
But past experience has taught me to be careful. I prefer to assume people are honest, and have been misled when people don't keep to their word. The problem being that people don't treat you as they like to be treated themselves. They ignore the wisdom in the Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It's not just esoteric theory, it's based on natural law with concrete practical consequences:

What goes around, comes around.

So I wondered if he followed the Golden Rule

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Email to Ask about His Principles
My email asked Cameron if he followed this crucial principle in his dealings with his investors. But his reply repeated why investing with him was a great idea, and ignored my query.

So I repeated the question, and he'd ignored it again. This meant I decided not to invest with him, because he was unwilling to confirm he does as I always do and follows the Golden Rule.

But look on the bright side, he'd been honest. He might have pretended to be completely trustworthy and subsequently
deceived me ...

Eyes with Dollar Signs

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I used to work for a company where dollar signs were evident in the president's eyes. He was mostly concerned about the money a deal would give him rather than what the customer would receive. I'd seen him lose a couple of lucrative contracts by such reprehensible conduct

But how do you respond as you see a salesman trying his hardest to satisfy your needs, and create a really good deal for you? You will usually know by his conduct as well as his words...

Yes, it's no surprise that we all prefer dealing with someone whose principal concern is satisfying our concerns, rather than the money they're going make from us.

Ensure it's a great deal for you both

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Rather than the common willing buyer and willing seller approach currently used by many people in their contractual dealings, wouldn't it make more sense to use one where you guaranteed to get a great deal.

This happens when you're only willing to go into a win-win situation. Choose only
the context, the perspective that ensures you won’t take any advantage of someone else.

You can do this. When you sign a deal, ensure you have synergy. Make sure you both win. So enter only under these conditions:

  • If you knew what I know regarding our deal, if you were in my shoes, you'd still agree to sign
  • If I knew what you know regarding our deal, if I were in your shoes, then I'd still agree to sign
  • Which means whichever way you look at the deal - from your side, or my side, - you both go ahead.
This guarantees that whether you look from your side - or my side - it's a great deal for both sides - you as well as me.

Give Full Value for Money

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Chinese Characters for Truth illustrate our Principles
This means I commit to always tell the truth. You also know I won't take advantage just because you do not know something. You will get full value for the money you pay me for my services. And you'll reciprocate and do likewise. We both win.

This still means you can sell or buy specialized expertise, time, or be taught by someone. It means you can be trusted to be fair and completely honest. You know I'll do what I've committed to do and you'll do exactly the same.

When you know we'll both keep to our commitments, we have a successful deal because we both honor our commitments. But if either one of us doesn't fulfill our side then the other is also off the hook. This, of course, works both ways.

When you know I subscribe to these principles, you know I'm both honest and ethical. Our trustworthiness helps build long-term relationships, and we both prosper.

There's another enormous benefit, you feel better about yourself when you're completely honest. Those lacking in integrity search outside to improve how they feel inside. Yet the problem - as well as the solution - is completely in their hands...

Some Outcomes are More Appealing than Others

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Such an approach of ensuring everybody wins will do much to solve many of the problems that humanity faces today. It's badly needed.

The world seem to have dramatically grown its destructive capabilities, far more so than our abilities to understand, get along and trust one another. But how can we understand each other when there's no trust. When you have integrity and adopt our principled approach, it builds the trust that's missing.

So we both need to confirm we agree to this principle. Let me know if you cannot, which is not wrong but just choosing differently. If so, then we simply won’t do business together.

But actions do have consequences - they all do - yet some consequences result in more desirable outcomes than others. It makes lots of sense to me to choose actions with desirable consequences. Imagine how much we'd all prosper with fully trustworthy partners.

This needs to start now, immediately. As so many, including U.S. President John F. Kennedy, have asked so often:

"If not now, when? If not you, who?"

Food for Thought

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"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom."

Thomas Jefferson – 3rd President of the United States, American Founding Father,
principal author of the Declaration of Independence

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