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Charles Dederich coined the insightful phrase:

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Discover the secret to motivating yourself...

This quotation blew me away when I first saw it some thirty years ago. I remember realizing how vital its meaning is for me. Yet it would still have been just as valid if I had not let its joyful message improve my life.

Are you among those who understand this truth, but ignore its meaning? Although you may know how you want the rest of your life to be, what does it tell you? Do you have the
wisdom to improve the parts that need improving?

As a brand-new personal growth student, it told me how to change my life: to stop doing what doesn't work and find out how to create a strategy that does! Discover how to appreciate both the journey and the goal. It said I should urgently learn how to overcome my self sabotage - the key to enjoying life. It still means the same to me today, what does it mean to you?
Why continue doing the same old stuff when you know it's not working for you? If you're not entirely satisfied with where you're at, are you listening to the message? The secret of success is to see that life is giving you valuable feedback, here you will find out why - and can learn how to do what does work instead.

The Wolves

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The Cherokee Indians have a delightful perspective on life, they say that everybody has two wolves living inside them. Along with the rest of the world, we all have a self-sabotage mechanism.
Scary Black Wolf hides, manipulates
The black wolf's job is to deceive you, to get you to self sabotage. So it rationalizes anything it wants you to do as right and justifies the painful, unsatisfactory outcomes. But although part of your reality, unsatisfactory results are er... unsatisfactory. Yet whenever you ignore reality, no matter how good the reasons seem, you sabotage yourself. Rather learn to stop believing your self-sabotage mechanism.

Its job is to stop you thinking things through rationally, so it will also manipulate your emotions to persuade you to follow its negative, bitter path. It pretends reliability is unimportant and the truth doesn't matter.

But when you
disregard the truth, your choices cannot help but be less reliable. What's the joy in being deceived? The decisions you make about your future are only effective when you are not misled about your current circumstances. Deception deceives the deceiver as well as the deceived.

We all have a self-sabotage mechanism. That means you as well as everybody else in your life (including me). But learning to reduce your self sabotage is way more fulfilling than trying to fix other people. Rather than complaining "they" are not doing it right, look in the mirror and see how you can do better.

How can you do better? It's
simple, says Life Strategies, all the help you need to stop your self sabotage is here. You'll learn how to overcome the black wolf, achieve better results, and enjoy your life more.

The White Wolf

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Small White Wolf voice is Calm and Still
The white wolf is calm, quiet, honest and only suggests. It wants you to enjoy desirable circumstances, to learn from experience, so learn to accept evidence rather than beliefs. It knows reality is all that is real and the rest is unpleasant deception, usually from the black wolf. You just know what it says makes sense.

But remember one thing when you choose which wolf to follow. All actions have consequences and some consequences are more desirable than others. Others involve hardship and suffering.

Neither wolf is wrong, they are both just part of the way you are. But if you want your life to become more enjoyable, then you need to learn how to listen to the white wolf rather than follow the black. Both are necessary since, as Helen Steiner Rice observed:

It takes the bitter and the sweet to make life complete

Your Self-Sabotage Mechanism

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If you had no self-sabotage mechanism, only the white wolf, then how would you be able to experience anything in its totality? To know something in complete fullness requires you to know it from all sides, from every angle including the positive and the negative. Only when you know it fully can you stop judging it, let it go, and change your life.

How much do you self sabotage? What percent of your time do you listen to the black wolf? And the white wolf? Now start discovering how to overcome the black wolf: Pick up a pen and write down the very first answers to these questions that come to you without thinking about them. Just do it!

Why? because those initial answers are your truth - which the black wolf will immediately try and manipulate. They probably mean you would benefit enormously by
taking immediate action, yet your self-sabotage mechanism will rationalize delay and tell you to procrastinate instead.

Why your Self Sabotage Continues

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If you find that a situation in life keeps coming round again, you obviously don't know the enormous joy of letting it go. If you do know this, but only intellectually rather than in practice, its reappearance means you do not yet fully accept it. Do you insist on rejecting the circumstances created by your self sabotage, but haven't yet learned how to stop following the black wolf?

The good news is that you don't have to let the black wolf run your life. When you know as well as fully accept the difficult and painful situations that it creates, then you don't have to experience the self sabotage yourself. Although most don't understand how or why, this is indeed possible, but definitely not easy.
One secret of success is to discover how to appreciate everything in your life.

Life Strategies' mission is for you to enjoy life more. Our sister site,, applies these strategies to the common issue of
how to reduce stress. To a large extent, you need to become more aware of your self sabotage and discover the simple techniques which help you to overcome your black wolf.

Food for Thought

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"It's easier to go down a hill than up,
but the view is much better at the top."

Arnold Bennett (1867 – 1931), editor, philanthropist, novelist,
author of: "How to Live on 24 Hours a Day"

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