The UN Global Gun Grab

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Democrats and Obama support the UN Global Gun Grab while
the DHS buys AR-15s as "Personal Defense Weapons"
Yet the Constitution guarantees YOU the Right to Defend Yourself

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Why is President Obama's administration trying to implement the unconstitutional United Nation Arms Trade Treaty - the global gun grab? This UN treaty was resurrected on Nov 8, 2012, immediately President Obama had been re-elected.

Each country that signs the UN Arms Trade Treaty is obligated to maintain a national control list that shall include [rifles and handguns] and to regulate brokering taking place under its jurisdiction for conventional arms. In fact, the new background check rules approved by the Congress Judiciary Committee include those same rules - a registration system and a record of all transfers of guns.

Some reports say Secretary of State Democrat John Kerry planned to sign this international treaty on behalf of the USA as soon as the nation's attention was distracted by more important matters. Yet the
US Senate has already vetoed Open Page in a new Tab any such approval and the DHS buys AR-15s as "Personal Defense Weapons" Open Page in a new Tab.

The British Gun Grab

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Many other shooting sprees have resulted in equally cynical gun ban attempts across the world. Are attempts to implement gun laws actually to control guns, or are they to control people instead?
Hungerford town is very picturesque
The 1987 shooting spree in Hungerford, England killed sixteen people before the shooter killed himself. Yet Britain already had strict gun control laws - the public and even the police were unarmed. Many hours passed before armed officers came to the rescue.

Nine years later, a man with a history of mental instability walked into a Dunblane, Scotland, primary school and murdered sixteen young children along with their teacher. He wounded many others before taking his own life.

So if gun bans decrease the numbers slaughtered, as gun control fanatics maintain, how come so many school children were massacred in these two gun-free countries?

British Results

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Blithely ignoring the obvious - the lack of defensive guns in responsible hands had increased the slaughter - the British government instituted even stricter control over gun ownership.

The unfortunate results?
Total failure! The British Telegraph newspaper reports that:

"The United Kingdom is the violent crime capital of Europe...
The total number of violent offenses recorded compared to population is higher than any other country in Europe, as well as America, Canada, Australia and South Africa."

In Britain, with a virtually complete ban on guns, burglaries with the occupant at home occur half the time whereas, in America, hot burglaries account only some ten percent of break-ins. A study by criminologists Rossi and Wright found that US burglars are more afraid of armed homeowners than they are of the police.

The Australian Gun Grab

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In 1996, six weeks after the 1996 Dunblane massacre, an Australian with a history of violence murdered 35 tourists in Port Arthur, Tasmania with semiautomatic rifles. Ignoring the painfully obvious conclusion that their lack of defensive guns had vastly increased the slaughter, the Australian government instituted even stricter control over gun ownership with the National Firearms Agreement.
Australian Gun Ban Increases Armed Robberies and Murders
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Such drastic government action must have been highly effective, right? No. Absolutely not! Once again, empirical evidence demonstrates the deadly results of yet more gun controls (see image).

A 2003 Brookings Institution study found that homicides - but not violent crimes - just "continued a modest decline." The use of handguns went up sharply, but just one out of 117 gun homicides used a registered gun in the following two years. Suicides with firearms went down but suicides by other means went up.

They did report a "modest reduction in the severity" of massacres in the following five years which involved knives, gas and arson rather than firearms. Yet:

"during the same period, deaths attributed to firearms in America dropped by nearly ten times the decline seen in Australia."

This video on the Australian gun ban results, which includes feedback from Australian police, says it all.

European Results

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Supporters of a one world government would gain clarity by exploring the enormous problems in Europe. The European Union has centralized more and more control over the whole continent resulting in more and more citizens becoming highly dissatisfied with the EU. Their politicians arrogantly insist that one size must fit all. Open Page in a new Tab

EU bureaucrats simply ignore individual countries and citizens as they "harmonize" - centralize - laws and regulations. But
harmonization simply eliminates the benefits of competition Open Page in a new Tab, making government failure even more evident. Europeans are deeply unhappy about their resultant loss of freedom and economic decline.

The 2011 riots in Britain demonstrated just how gun bans disempower you.
Citizens were unable to defend themselves or their property Open Page in a new Tab against the rioters - and nor were the police. Yet with more guns per person than any other country, Switzerland has had neither riots nor school shootings Open Page in a new Tab.

Guns Provide Protection against the More Powerful

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.30 caliber bullet hole in Don Drumm sculpture at Kent State
The USA constitution guarantees "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" for a very good reason. Look at the 1970 slaughter of students by the government at Kent State University; and the innocent children and citizens massacred by the government at Waco in 1993. How else can you protect yourself from criminals and oppressive governments?

Yet Democratic politicians try to deny law-abiding citizens their right to defend themselves. They cynically pretend that gun bans protect you, yet enjoy and even insist on armed guards for themselves! But as
US Senate candidate Dan Bongino explains:

"There's no such thing as gun control, only people control."

Dissatisfaction at increasing federal interference can be seen in the USA. Resentment is mounting at federal attempts to usurp powers rightfully reserved to the several states. State legislatures in Arizona, Texas and Wyoming, among others, have presented bills to enforce their constitutional rights to ignore federal gun laws.

The backlash against ever more powerful central governments demonstrate the real problem. Thoughtful citizens are increasingly recognize the endemic problem of
government failure - the government's incompetence at its most fundamental duty: protecting both its citizens and their property.

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Food for Thought

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"It is clear that the Framers . . . counted the right to keep and bear arms among those fundamental rights necessary to our system of ordered liberty."

- Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in 2010

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