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What You Resist, Persists!

Taking Wickets with Illegal Deliveries

One season, a cricket bowler took many batsmen's wickets in international test matches. Yet the TV umpire would often find the bowler had bowled an illegal delivery by overstepping. But since a batsman can't lose his wicket from a no-ball, each such dismissal was reversed and the wicket didn't count.

These illegal deliveries - especially ones which take a wicket in the five-day ultimate test of cricket prowess - caused a big problem for the team. The team management along with the bowling coach worked with the bowler to stop bowling no-balls. Yet the illegal deliveries continued for months.

How to remedy the problem seemed obvious, he just needed to stop over-stepping the line. That very simple change to his bowling action would eliminate all the angst caused by his illegal deliveries.
So why did he keep over-stepping the line? It's not that he didn't understand the problem, he put tremendous energy into not over-stepping, into correcting the issue. Yet the problem persisted since he wasn't doing what works. To correct any problem, you have to do what works instead.

How to Stop? Do What Works

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It's rather similar to smoking. It's so difficult to stop smoking because people try to stop smoking. This may seem a bit backward, but this apparently nonsensical statement highlights the problem! Since I've stopped at least a dozen times, and have now stopped for good, I have the experience which makes me a real expert: I know what works as well as what doesn't work.

Some of my many attempts to stop smoking are described on the
stop smoking page. Until I realized the real reason for my failure to stop permanently, I kept starting over! Yet to succeed at doing anything, you need to do what works, and NOT what doesn't work.

Stop Doing What Doesn't Work

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Teenage boy continues to smoke
My lack of success clearly demonstrated my mistake. In trying to stop smoking, I was ignoring that very significant law of the universe: What You Resist, Persists!

It seems obvious now that energy is creative. If you put your energy into what you don't want, then you're energizing what you don't want. Despite the negative, what you don't want gets stronger because you're giving it energy, and so it persists.

Yet in my attempts to stop smoking, I was giving energy into not smoking, which means I was ignoring this natural law. In trying to resist smoking, I was energizing smoking. So my smoking persisted.

Follow Natural Law

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What You Resist, Persists! is a natural law. It tells you resistance is futile, the energy you put into resisting what you don't want energizes and helps it persist. So how did I eventually manage to stop smoking?

I instead focussed positively on what I wanted. On a healthy life style, abundant health and long life in the future. This emphasis on my goal enabled me to follow healthy habits, helped me give up smoking - what I didn't want - and to create a healthy mind in a healthy body. Vibrant good health for the future.

Does this Work?

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Does it work? Yes. Once I made this change maybe thirty years ago, I stopped smoking for good. My efforts bore fruit, and I have never restarted. My many failures enable me to share this hard-won wisdom with you.

Do I have the vibrant good health I was seeking? Yes.

My chiropractor recently started a program to maximize the body's anti-oxidants levels. He has a blood flow sensor plugged into his computer and some very clever software to analyze the results. On the scale of 0 - 50,000 my anti-oxidant reading was off the chart at 56,000 - the highest initial reading he'd even seen. He suggested I keep doing what I was doing.

Wisdom is not just Knowing About It

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Wise Woman has Paid the Price
Right now, you just know about this. But that's all. You need the wisdom in this Special Report to learn how to implement this Natural Law into your life.

The title of the last article in the
Mastery series is: Caution Pretenders. Some people pretend to be masters, but are they? Do they have crucial experience or is their expertise second-hand? Are they just regurgitating abstract lessons from someone else? Have they put in their own substantial effort? Made their own mistakes? Do they have their own experience of success?

Despite the misleading teachings of the government-run education system,
knowing about anything give you little power. Only investing your time and energy can make you stronger. Just as you can't delegate your exercise to get fit, you can't delegate the time and effort needed to gain the experience needed to master natural law. You need to invest your own energy, to learn how to overcome the pitfalls yourself.

What You Resist, Persists!

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Here's how to get the experience you need to implement this natural law in your life. Get this dynamic Special Report - What You Resist, Persists! - today. It's available at a very attractive price.

What You Resist, Persists!
When Life Sucks, End your Stress and Stop the Self Sabotage

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Food for Thought

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"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."

- Carl Sagan 1934-1996, American astrophysicist

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