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Strategies for Abundance

It's not just What you Do that's Important!

Don't Energize what You Don't Want!

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The Law of Attraction says that what you put your energy into increases. And what you ignore diminishes, gets smaller, and eventually dies. So, to manifest abundance, you need to put your energy into abundance.

But do you ever put energy into insufficiency and instead focus on what you lack? Do you realize that, "To make a change in my life, I need to change my life." Rather put your energy into what you do want - not what you don't. And choose to be grateful for whatever you have.
Abundance principles are universal and relate to abundance of all forms - abundance of love, joy, relationships, money... But let's use money as an example for exploring abundance since, no matter how much money people may have, many still think they don't have enough.

So what practical and responsible strategies for abundance are there to follow? Let's split them into two very different categories:

  • Strategies to improve Your Context - Where You Come From
  • Strategies to improve What you Do, How to Handle Your Affairs

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** Strategies to improve Where You Come From
- Your Context **
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The three tools of creation that you use to create anything are your thoughts, your words, and your deeds (actions). But since your thoughts and your words come before you do anything, getting your context right is vital!

Yet have you neglected to improve your context, and then wonder why no matter what you do, it doesn't work out satisfactorily? Or even if it does produce results, those results aren't what you're really looking for.

As Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad says in Retire Young, Retire Rich

"Once you know that the formula to getting rich is to continually expand your reality ... then getting rich becomes easier and easier.
For people who become stuck in one reality, thinking their reality is the only reality, the speed at which they can become rich goes down."

Choose to be Wealthy

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Being wealthy starts with a choice, which includes being willing to pay the price. You already know that all your choices have consequences. So choose intelligently - to be wealthy. But what does being wealthy mean? Let's look at the three stages of wealth:

  1. Financial Intelligence
  2. Financial Independence
  3. Financial Freedom
Financial Intelligence means you spend less than you earn, which also means you spend less than you have. This is the first step on the road to being truly wealthy. This choice also has the happy result of getting you out of debt, so it’s the right place to start.

Financial Independence is the next step. Then you are independent of your job, you don't have to work for a living. This means your passive income (not from a job) is larger than your regular monthly expenses.
Financial Freedom is the last step. You are free to purchase whatever
A sports car shows abundance you want when you want. There are degrees here, which depend on your desires. How expensive are those purchases you and your family would like to make?

If you're already wealthy, you already know these important distinctions. These strategies are designed to help newcomers, not masters in this field.

Tell Yourself The Truth

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Next, choose to tell the truth to yourself about yourself and your situation. If you don't, who are you deceiving? Is the self sabotage mechanism - the Cherokee Indians' black wolf - affecting your life? How often does deception of some form or another play a part in your unhappy circumstances?

To fool yourself is to choose illusion over reality, to prefer a life of pretense rather than what is actually so. When you tell yourself the truth, you stop fooling yourself. Then the next step is to start telling the truth to others...

Accept Reality Without a Struggle

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Accept the present circumstances just as they are. Fully. Never struggle against the universe - the universe is stronger than you are. Just intend to be wealthy, and recognize that an intention is not the same as a need.

When you intend, you put energy into fulfillment, without any attachment or expectation for a particular result. Recognize than reacting to the past has created what is so right now - your current reality. So don't react, rather allow your actions to create what you do want for the future. Then you focus on your intentions.

Realize a Need is just another Choice - Your Choice

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If you don't mind what happens, it doesn't matter what happens - and you don't need any particular result. This frame of mind frees you of any particular need.

Needs often arise when you are unwilling to accept the consequences of your choices. They tie you down to particular circumstances, generally ones that limit your freedom. So be very careful what you choose to accept as a need.

When you expect that money will come and come soon, this suggests you have a need for the result. And that very need says that you don't have that result now. Needing - wanting - is a declaration that you don't have. Then the Law of Attraction comes into play, and the wanting - the not-having - continues to come true for you.

So don't focus on scarcity! Know that in fact life will continue on as it always has whether you have more money or not. And recognize there is an abundance of everything in this world - including money. You are part of this world and you can share in this abundance, if you so choose.

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** Strategies to improve What To Do
- How to Handle Your Affairs **
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All strategies involve making a choice. There's always a price to be paid, and a big part of the price to be wealthy is deferred gratification. Don't self sabotage, make the choice to invest today and to defer the pleasure of consuming until tomorrow.

To become and stay wealthy you need to control your expenditures. It's amazing how many people (and countries!) are broke no matter the size of their income. You need to live within your means, to spend less than you earn. Check out some more about
resolving issues, procrastination, self sabotage mechanism and doing what works.

Never Spend It All

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Recognize that when you are wealthy you have money left over at the end of the month, you do not spend all your monthly income. Being wealthy, you always have money in your pocket, which means you can walk around with money and yet not spend it.
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Until you can do both of these, you haven't yet developed the mental discipline you need to become wealthy. And I don't mean for a few days a month, this is every day discipline.

So which is more important to you? That attractive temptation in the shop window or being wealthy? Rather defer all temptations and distractions to when you are wealthy and can indulge yourself. Until then, don't allow yourself to be distracted from your goal.

Keep Plenty of Money in Your Pocket

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If money were truly abundant for you, would you have plenty of money everywhere? Yes, of course. Including in your pocket? Yes - cautiously - is the usual response. Don't worry, this is strictly practical advice, there's nothing pie in the sky here.

What is the largest bank note in the country? $1,000? Then get a $1,000 note, (NOT ten $100 notes), mentally write it off so that you aren't concerned if this $1,000 gets lost or stolen, then put it in your pocket in a different place to your normal spending money. And never spend it. Mental discipline is again needed here - never, never, ever spend it.

After a while, your sub-conscious will start saying, "Well, maybe I used to be broke, but nowadays I always have a bunch of money in my pocket (represented by the largest bank-note) and so I can't be as broke as I used to be." And then that - not being so broke - starts to manifest.

When you enjoy the feeling of having money in your pocket, that feeling helps attract more money.

Accept Everything Gratefully

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Money is simply one particular expression of the flow of life. As are love, joy, appreciation ... If you block the flow from going, you also block it from coming. Giving and receiving are just different manifestations of the same thing, different sides of the same coin.

So never turn someone down when they offer you anything. Always accept gratefully, and also give gracefully. Keep that flow circulating. I'm told that masters say, To have everything, give everything. I'm still working this one out!

Be Generous

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When you see a worthy cause, your feeling, your vibe is to give generously. Then your mind jumps in. "Hold on a moment, I need money for this, money for that..." and tries to stifle your instincts. Instead of giving generously you give a little - if anything at all. Rather go with the feeling, give generously.

When you act as if money is scarce, your actions state loudly that you know money is scarce. But remember the Focus Principle! When you want abundance, then it's important to allow your actions to demonstrate that you know money is abundant.

You can't give if you don't have, so any act of generosity demonstrates that you do indeed have. So learn to give generously rather than stifle the instinct when someone asks you for money. And then the resultant good feeling tends to bring you more. And you'll find you do have more! Try it, it works.

Carry a Credit Card

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What would be a large amount of money for you to lose? Maybe a few times your monthly income? If money were truly abundant for you would you have a lot everywhere? Yes, of course. Including in your pocket? Yes - I hear you say rather more cautiously.

Then carry a lot of money in your pocket! This requires mental discipline, yet again, when you're wealthy you'll need the discipline not to spend everything you have. So start practicing now!

Now you may be concerned if you lost a lot of cash - so rather carry it in a safer form. Get and carry a credit card with a large credit limit. You can use this card, but treat everything you spend on it as cash, pay off the entire balance each and every month. Always. ThIs again needs mental discipline.

Give to Charity - Regularly

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All actions are creative. But do your actions say money is abundant, or that money is scarce? If you regularly give money to charity, this says that you always have extra money to give away.

Most people will respond to whatever you give them, whether they know you or not. They generally respond in kind, whether you give them a smile, or a punch! To create happiness, give joy away. If you want love, give love. So this principle says to give is to get, so give money with joy.

Give with a joyful heart. If you adopt the position that money is hard to come by - which many people have from their upbringing - then money will be hard to come by. Not a very sensible attitude if you desire to be wealthy. You've probably heard the important principle:

What you know is what is so!

So know that money is abundant! It's impossible to give away what you don't have. When you give away money, your actions state that you have it, you know there is more where that came from, and it's abundant. You know the Golden Rule, Do unto other what you would have them do unto you. This is because What goes around comes around, which means What you give out, you get back.

So be the source of abundance for another. Find others who desire what you want, and find a way to give it to them. Then money can't help but become abundant for you. When you give what you want to someone who also desires it, you experience that you have it yourself.

Live on 70% of Your Income

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Now another question. If money were truly abundant for you, really abundant, could you afford to give some away? Yes. Then live on 70% and give 10% away.
Create a budget and live on 70% of income
But how can I possibly afford to do that? I hear you ask. Budget! Take your monthly income, split it into tenths. Live on 70% of it, seven tenths. Pay off debt with a tenth. Save or invest 10%. That leaves one tenth. What to do with the last tenth? Give it away!

But I can't afford to live on my income as it stands, let alone on 70% of it! I hear you complain. Exactly! That is the problem. You're not being financially intelligent and, until you willing to pay the price by living within your means, how will you ever become so? It all starts with you!

So be both financially intelligent and generous: First pay yourself by saving 10%, then live on 70% of your income, and give away 10%. Then get out of debt with the last 10% and, if you continue to do this, your financial situation will vastly improve!

This is highly practical advice. Live within your means, reduce your debt, and save/invest for the future. You even budget for your generosity, which shows you that you can afford it. All of which requires you to know how much you have coming in and where it is going. Start today!

Food for Thought

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"How can we receive the abundance of life if our hands are not open to receive it?"

(Author unknown)

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