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Five great Reasons for you to...

Act Today - Right Now!

What can Life Strategies do for you?

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What will Life Strategies do for you? What a good question!

The answer is, of course, nothing - we can tell you what to do and how, but you have to do it yourself. The question comes from your
self sabotage mechanism, which will try to sabotage all your attempts to to change your life.

You'll discover exactly what to do to overcome the inbuilt negative urge that everybody has. How to stop sabotaging one aspect or another of your personal growth, your relationships, your work, and your life.
There are many, many ways in which you'll improve your life by overcoming your self sabotage. You want to find out how to produce better results with less time and effort, yes? But is that too general? Do you need more concrete reasons to change your life? Then here are ...

Five Reasons why you should Act Today - Right Now

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Let the results speak for themselves, overcoming self sabotage is possible - our strategies have been refined and proven by much experience over the years. The page numbers cited are for the life-changing book: Self-sabotage? What it is, How to Overcome It!

Saving money - a Good Reason to Change your Life
  1. Avoid The Single Biggest Mistake Everybody Makes
    In just one instance, this mistake cost me several hundred dollars, wasted many hours, and caused a number of days delay. page 30
  2. The Little-Understood Misunderstanding that Wrecks Relationships.
    This strategy enabled a client to avoid the stress - as well as the waste of time - involved in finding somewhere else to live. Without it, the conflict with her flat-mate meant she would have had to move. page 66
  3. Do you ever Argue? How to Eliminate your Arguments.
    The time-tested six-part strategy to eliminate an argument (and how to still feel good about it afterward!) page 128
  4. Overweight? Lose A Pound A Week and Achieve your Ideal Weight.
    Has procrastination taken over your life? Ask yourself these questions - and they're not what you think! page 40
  5. Save Over Three Hours a Week
    How? You'll learn how to tell what's not working for you and then stop doing it. Unlike other programs, our strategies encourage you to do less, rather than do more! page 42

Your Family Deserves More - and so do You!

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You'll change your life when you overcome your self sabotage, it'll empower you to:
  • Pay Off Your Debt. Stop worrying about money, afford the things your loved ones need and deserve.
  • Have More Time for You and Your Family. Spend quality time with your spouse, enjoy enough time for you and your hobbies, even take a dream vacation. When you rush less, you enjoy life more!
  • Decide When To Work, and not work when you don't want to. Would you prefer to work a four, six, or eight hour day? Fire your boss? Enable your partner to do the same?
  • Send Your Kids To College, remove the question of affordability from the decision.
  • Drive The Car You Choose rather than just picking one you can afford. You can buy your dream car when you want a new one. And a home, a boat, and even a vacation home…
  • Stop stressing about the future, then you enjoy the present more.
  • Afford Help Where and When You Need It. Delegate the work you don't want to do. At home, maids are wonderful, they make beds, clean, do the washing and ironing. They take out the trash, and even look after emptying the dish-washer…
You're already doing what you hope will change your life. Yet sometimes those results don't arrive, and you can even end up with the opposite, which just goes to show how much self sabotage can be a problem. The secret of success is to take responsibility and let Life Strategies help you achieve your goals and dreams!

A Word of Caution

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As you now know, the self sabotage mechanism's job is to sabotage any and all improvement, so it will try to dissuade you from discovering how to overcome your self sabotage!

This means it may be giving you thoughts such as: "How do I know it works?" or "I can't afford it," or "I don't have the time." But how do you know this works? Because it all makes complete sense - which is the big difference between sense and nonsense! You need to trust yourself and your innate ability to see sense and investigate all the misleading thoughts it gives you.

Don't let the
self sabotage mechanism persuade you that you can't afford to invest a few dollars or you can't spare the time. There is one thing that's guaranteed: If you don't learn how to overcome your self sabotage, then it's not going to stop all by itself. And then nothing will improve.

You want more peace and to enjoy life more, but how? Although your self sabotage will pretend you know all this, do you really know? You have your opinion, but to get results, you need experience. Just knowing about it is not enough, to really know how you need real know-how - very different. Get the know-how you need here!

Food for Thought

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The only real tragedy is to become older but not wiser.

Dr. David Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D. Psychiatrist, author of Truth vs Falsehood

Enjoy Your Life More

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Need to see more? Then check out these twenty common self sabotage strategies to find out how much your life is affected. Why should you act right now? so you can enjoy these eight enormous benefits to overcoming self sabotage today.

report cover how to improve self-sabotage You've just had a very brief introduction to how you can change your life. But your self sabotage mechanism has enormous experience - and an endless number of strategies. So the crucial questions to ask yourself now are: Do I ever self sabotage? How much would my life improve by learning to overcome it?

If you'd rather start slowly, then
What You Resist, Persists is at a very attractive price. This dynamic Special Report explains what you can do to overcome self sabotage and how to start developing the necessary skills.
book cover how to improve self-sabotage Self sabotage has a major effect on all our lives. It's easily seen in other people, but very difficult to see your own. But you can see its results! You end up in undesirable situations and it can even make it difficult to enjoy circumstances you do want.

If you're serious about gaining your freedom from self sabotage, then you need to make a modest investment of time and money to find out how. This lighthearted yet exhilarating book will
give you the necessary skills:

Self-Sabotage? What it is, Why we do it, When we do it, How to Overcome It!

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We fully guarantee everything. These time-tested secrets of success are delivered electronically - no waiting for delivery. Discover the truth about overcoming your self sabotage, stop reacting and arguing, find out why resistance doesn't work, and change your life.

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