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This Personal Power series started by simplifying the complexity of life and seeing that there's no free lunch. Just as you don't benefit physically by delegating your exercise, you can't increase your personal power by delegating your thinking.

Personal power is crucial, it enables you to produce desirable results with less time and effort. You find it easier to manage your internal world. Yet the self sabotage mechanism loses influence when you increase your ability to overcome its deceit and manipulation. So
decreasing your self sabotage will increase your inner power.

If you don't have any power, then you say you're powerless. But since you can control your inner environment, although you may not yet know how, are you actually powerless? Internally, you always have the choice to be either positive, or negative.
The one you select will change your life, even though the external circumstances may remain unchanged.

An Immediate Increase in your Inner Power

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You may have already experienced the subtle
increase in personal power, the internal shift which comes when you 'get' a koan - a change in perspective which can change your opinion, one of the many more powerful viewpoints offered in these articles on empowerment.

This delicate energy may come immediately as a feeling of rightness, and you realize that you know this koan already - an inner "That's correct!"

Sometimes you get a large surge of internal energy: "Yes, YES! Right on!" You realize you've been waiting for years to come across this
secret of success, that its increase in personal power is indeed right for you.

A Delayed Increase in your Inner Power

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Sometimes the
increase in personal power only comes when you write-up your new understanding. Until you have written down your thoughts, you can't see the value in a koan and discern that its new perspective is indeed more powerful and can change your life. So write it down anyway.

Perhaps in contemplating the new perspective, you realize that when combined with your original viewpoint, this koan has added to your understanding, it does work better.

Occasionally you may not agree with the new perspective in a koan, then its extra power won't come until you first use it. When you first try it out to see how well it works for you, and you realize that this way of doing things, this new approach is indeed more effective.

If you Don't Experience any Increase of Inner Power

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If a
koan does NOT increase your personal power at all, then perhaps you don't agree with its new perspective, or judge it as wrong. Or you haven't invested enough time and energy to understand it. This is not a problem, agreement is not required, it may not be right for you at the moment, so just let it be.

Yet everybody thinks that what they think is right, you automatically believe your thoughts. So before you understand it, a koan may indeed feel wrong. That sense of wrongness just tells you that you don't really know it yet, an indication that it needs more time and energy. Or you may not be well attuned to the subtle shifts of internal energy that take place inside you.

Perhaps you have previously integrated its perspective and hence already enjoy its power. So if you completely agree, a koan may not
change your life in the slightest. Yet validation of your current perspective often gives more confidence, enabling you to build more easily on the power that you already have. Hence a familiar koan may still empower you.

But why is increasing personal power so important? Any lack of inner strength contributes to the difficulties you're experiencing in your circumstances. The power to change what needs to be changed is vital!

Food for Thought

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"The power to improve your situation comes from learning new perspectives."

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