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You want to Increase your Inner Power?

then Invest your Time and Energy!

You Want the Results

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You want the results, at least you say you do because you want to change your life and reduce your stress. But actions speak louder than words. Words fall easily off the tongue, yet are as easy to forget as they are to say.

Even when you do intend to follow up on your words, that intention is made now. Yet later, when the time to act comes, things can change. You get busy, your motivation and priorities
change, unforeseen events require attention, and your word is easily forgotten.

Yet life is experiential, will your actions confirm or deny your promises? Do you have enough personal power to follow through on your intentions? Is the muscle of your word strong enough to change your life? Do you realize that, "To make a change in my life, I need to change my life."

How to Increase your Inner Power

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The three tools of creation determine the results you enjoy: your thoughts, your words, and your deeds. All three contribute to your circumstances. Each has power, determined by how much influence self sabotage has had on your life so far! We all have two wolves, a black wolf and a white one, and self sabotage results from following the black wolf.

Whether to allow the black wolf or the white wolf to determine what you do is a crucial choice. Choosing the black wolf is easy, but leads to undesirable consequences. Choosing to follow the white wolf is far more difficult, but has beneficial consequences. With every decision, you're choosing one or the other.

Thought, Word and Deed

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You give power to your thoughts by ensuring they are consistent, compatible with your goals and follow the Golden Rule: You think about doing unto others only what you would have them do unto you. Then your thoughts have compassion and integrity.
Write it down to increase your inner power
Your words get more power when you follow through. When you prove them true by giving yourself that experience. If you don't follow through, your words are proven false - and there's no power in falsehood. Each time you say something that is not true either now and later, you diminish the power in your word. Your words also need integrity.

Actions are very powerful. Your deeds (what you do) demonstrate your power to the world. Promises are even stronger - commitments increase your personal power when you give yourself the experience. Not doing what you've said you'll do shows lack of integrity.

Yet there's nothing intrinsically wrong with lack of integrity, just as there's nothing wrong with being weak. Integrity can be seen as personal power, if you're willing to stay weak there's no problem. But to create more with less, experiential learning increases your personal power; you can't learn to swim in a seminar, only by getting wet in the water. Experience will increase - or decrease - the power of your thoughts, your words, and your deeds!

Write It Down

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Do you want a new perspective on life, or an inspiring vision for your future? Do you have some issues to resolve, or a different take on something you're familiar with. Whatever the change is, this new or different perspective we call a koan. So invest the time to write down your understanding of this koan. Schedule the time to write it down right now!

As soon as you have a moment never works! Your
self-sabotage mechanism has all sorts of convincing ways to persuade you that moment is never now. What does work is to choose a realistic date and time right now, diarize it, and then make it your HIGHEST priority at that time. You need to ensure it happens...

You want to make changes in your life and the more energy you give those changes, the more power they have. So write down your new understandings, the changes you wish to experience to increase their power to change your life. The discipline of beneficial action also improves your integrity.

What's a Koan?

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We use koan to mean a particular viewpoint on something. Another perspective. A distinction. An alternate way of viewing a situation, a phrase or an incident. You may feel an increase in energy when you first 'get' or understand a koan. That surge indicates its inner power.

Once you really get to know a koan, not just understand it, you can use the power from its new viewpoint. You need each koan to come alive rather than be a perspective you just know about. The hundreds of koans each have enormous inner power, get the wisdom in each one and you'll have the
personal power to use yourself.

Then you are more capable, more creative, more effective. The phrase "Knowledge gives power" is true when you really know it. But just understanding is not nearly enough. Inner power is like physical power - you need to exercise yourself. You can't delegate your workout.

This usage is rather different to a Zen Buddhist's meaning of the same word koan.

Writing Down Your New Understanding

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Man Working at Understanding
What's the value of writing down the koan's new perspective? Agreement is not needed, but until you understand it how can you use its inner power? You need to put time as well as energy into its new viewpoint to at least understand it, as explained by another koan: The Different Levels in Knowledge.

Of course, before you do properly understand it will seem wrong. How can it look right to you when you don't really understand it? Since you believe all your thoughts, you think anything contradicting them must be wrong.

So its new perspectives will indeed feel strange to you. That natural sense of feeling wrong lets you know you don't understand it yet. It indicates you haven't yet given it enough energy to harness its power.

Without giving it energy, you only have the very limited power of understanding at best, yet much more power is available for you in
the other steps to mastery... the more inner power you have, the less you self sabotage.

Do it Today!

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The more inner power you want, the sooner you need to reinforce your new perspectives. Don't waste time, the earlier you document your understanding, the more faithful it will be. Don't wait more than 24 hours at maximum, ensure you spend at least an hour writing these down tonight if not before. Then tomorrow, revise, review and improve your written answers.

Each koan, each realization and new truth needs a half-page to explain its new perspective. The clearer, the more comprehensive your answers, the more benefit you gain.
  1. Describe each koan's perspective, along with those of each realization, breakthrough, and new truth that you have had.
  2. Write down the distinctions in each one.
  3. What meaning do these hold for you?
  4. From which perspective does each one come?
  5. How might these all improve your success and relieve your stress. List how they can increase your success.
You can answer the initial four questions in one paragraph. They're different ways to demonstrate your understanding. The last, the fifth question covers the future not the present. It deserves its own paragraph.

Increase your Power from these New Understandings

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Gaining wisdom needs your energy. You can't acquire it by association, you need to put in the work yourself. Answering these questions gets you exploring its benefits and the personal power in its different perspectives. As always, you need to pay the price personally.
Wise Black Woman has Paid the Price
You overcome your self sabotage as you contemplate these realizations and their distinctions. To make real (to realize) their increase in personal power, you need to transcend the limitations of your previous perspectives.

Working with the power in these distinctions is very enjoyable. Increased joy is actually part of the benefits of transcending your previous limitations. Your stress reduces, and you find yourself enjoying life more.

If you want your improved and edited answers checked by our team of experts, then
contact us. Our authoritative explanation for each koan will significantly increase your inner power.

There's an Unspoken Question

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All this highlights the seldom-answered yet absolutely crucial question. Your self-sabotage mechanism doesn't like it at all, but the benefits to you in answering it are immense...

Can you afford NOT to afford the time and energy to do it?

While you're answering this vital question, there's one thing to bear in mind:

All choices have consequences - and some are more attractive than others!

Food for Thought

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"The only way to enhance one's power in the world is by increasing one's integrity, understanding, and capacity for compassion."

Dr. David Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D. Psychiatrist, author of "Truth vs Falsehood"

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