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There are many, many benefits to...

Overcoming your self sabotage!

The Life Strategies Difference

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May I be very frank? Most of the techniques taught today are band-aids. Why? Because they only address the effects of the problem - rather than eliminate the cause. If they knew how to fix the problem, you'd be content with your life and your circumstances. And unsatisfactory situations wouldn't reoccur.

The problem is that the so-called "experts," their books, and their courses continue to rehash the same old techniques in various ways. Yet they pretend
their approach is a "true innovation" or "foolproof directions."

But here's something you can bank on: if their methods haven't already changed your life, there's no miracle that's going to make them work in the future. Stick with them, and you put your future at risk. To make real progress, you need to stop your self sabotage and do what works instead.

Eight Less Tangible Benefits you'll Enjoy

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Apart from the obvious, there are major advantages to gain when you discover how to overcome your self sabotage mechanism. These are just a few of the more esoteric, less tangible ones:

  1. Enjoy More Freedom
    Imagine more freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it!
  2. Screw Up Less Often
    The less you self sabotage, the more enjoyable life becomes.
  3. Create Results with Less
    Achieving what you really want takes less energy, it becomes more achievable and less of a hassle.
  4. Stress Less
    Worry becomes an infrequent companion. Which gives you more time and more energy for your dreams.
  5. More Desirable Circumstances
    You find your actions have more desirable consequences and fewer of the unanticipated, bleaker ones.
  6. Learn the Rules since life can indeed be a game
    the laws of life which govern the results you bring yourself. When you know the rules of the game, you have a big advantage over those who don't. This enables you to create the results you want, no matter what they are. And you have more fun!
  7. Run your Own Life
    Usually, the thrill of something new soon wears off. Here you experience the excitement of consciously running your own life. For ever!
  8. Have More Time
    You simply have more time to get more out of life.

Nine Vital Questions for Your Success

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The Secret of Success is not a Crystal Ball
Your authentic answers to these crucial questions don't need a crystal ball, they'll empower you to dramatically improve your success. Our cutting edge techniques don’t just give you information, you'll discover how to stop wasting your energy on self sabotage. Imagine how you can change your life!

  • Are you Running at Redline? Too much to do? Not enough time?
  • Who is the Most Important Person in Your Life? Until you are absolutely clear about your answer here, your life will continue to be a struggle.
  • What's the Secret to Increasing your Personal Power?
  • Does Being Right mean They must be Wrong?
  • How does self sabotage work?
  • Is the Law of Attraction Working for You? The unknown differences that make the difference.
  • Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
  • Is there any value to Distractions and Temptations?
  • What Should I Do? How asking this question can help - or hinder you.
Many people don't realize they can change their life by stopping their self sabotage. Although they know they're never completely satisfied about their achievements so far, they continue to live in hope that some day things will change. But things only change when you change...

The job of the
self sabotage mechanism is to sabotage your progress, so you can experience the results that you wouldn't otherwise choose. Self sabotage can be extremely subtle; its many devious tactics include: resistance; irritation; frustration; doubt; guilt; negativity; upsets, etc. etc.

Few coaches understand the importance of correcting your
context rather than focussing on what to do. And even when they do understand, their coaching schools haven't taught them how. So discover how to implement these strategies and change your life forever.

A Word of Caution

Man with Empty Pockets Thinks he can
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Be very aware that your self sabotage mechanism does not want its power diminished. So it'll give you the thought that you don't have the time and you don't even have the few dollars needed to invest right now.

it will lose influence when you discover the authentic solution to progress - discovering how to improve your context.
The secret to success? To increase your awareness, explore your thoughts, and investigate outdated beliefs which will stop you wasting your energy on what doesn't really work!

How can you be sure this works? Because you know it makes absolute sense! What's new and different about
Life Strategies? Around twenty years, many thousands of man-hours, and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested to develop, test, and finely tune our incredibly powerful and creative system that can change your life. To get results, just try it out for yourself.

Food for Thought

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The [self-sabotage mechanism] is clever in that it deludes its victim and prisoner into believing that the perpetrators are "out there", whereas they are actually innate and "in here."

Dr. David Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D. Psychiatrist, author of Truth vs Falsehood

Enjoy Your Life More

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Need to see more? Then check out these twenty common self sabotage strategies to find out how much your life is affected. Why should you act right now? so you can enjoy these five great reasons to overcome your self sabotage today.

report cover how to improve self-sabotage You've just had a very brief introduction to how you can change your life. But your self sabotage mechanism has enormous experience - and an endless number of strategies. So the crucial questions to ask yourself now are: Do I ever self sabotage? How much would my life improve by learning to overcome it?

If you'd rather start slowly, then
What You Resist, Persists is at a very attractive price. This dynamic Special Report explains what you can do to overcome self sabotage and how to start developing the necessary skills.
book cover how to improve self-sabotage Self sabotage has a major effect on all our lives. It's easily seen in other people, but very difficult to see your own. But you can see its results! You end up in undesirable situations and it can even make it difficult to enjoy circumstances you do want.

If you're serious about gaining your freedom from self sabotage, then you need to make a modest investment of time and money to find out how. This lighthearted yet exhilarating book will
give you the necessary skills:

Self-Sabotage? What it is, Why we do it, When we do it, How to Overcome It!

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We fully guarantee everything. These time-tested secrets of success are delivered electronically - no waiting for delivery. Discover the truth about overcoming your self sabotage, stop reacting and arguing, find out why resistance doesn't work, and change your life.

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