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Come for An Interview, said The Letter

It would Change My Life

The Drive was Long and Sobering

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It was a long way to drive, yet I had no choice. Then I had to wait to see the man I was there to see, which wasted yet more time. I'd been caught and now had to pay the price.

Time was very precious, I had a business to run, which meant that I definitely didn't want to do this. So on the drive up, I thought about what had happened and what I would say. I would need to apologize.

“Ah ha!” said the official interviewing me. “That suggests you’ve seen the error of your ways.” He was very satisfied, I was telling him exactly what he wanted to hear.

“Yes, Sir, I want to keep my driving license!” I emphasized. “This has been a very enlightening experience.” I have a strong sense of humor, some even call it weird. So I sometimes spell Sir as cur but not on this occasion. I didn't want to
change my life by taking any chances!

I'd been Caught Speeding

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I’d exceeded the posted speed limit. Again. Speeding fines are a useful source of revenue for governments, so they often put speed traps in innocuous locations where it's entirely safe to exceed the speed limit. I had been ignoring speed limits, relying on awareness and eye-sight to spot them. But this had proven not to be an effective secret of success.

So here I was at the official interview to see if I was worthy to keep my driving license. At that time, in Ontario, Canada, drivers who accumulated more than seven demerit points were interviewed by the driving licensing department. It was mandatory.

The Official Letter

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The official letter informing me about the appointment had made me think about my speeding self sabotage very carefully! It made me explore the consequences of continuing in the same manner. And I didn’t like what I saw! You lose your license for a year if you get up to a certain number of demerit points. And that was an outcome I definitely didn’t want to experience.

So I careful to tell the official the outcome of my soul-searching:

“Up till now, Sir, I’ve seen that a good driver can exceed the speed limit perfectly safely. Yet the government wants to reduce the number of accidents on the roads. And I now understand the official position that people should not exceed the speed limit even when safe. This helps ensure they don’t speed when it's unsafe to do so. Since that’s the way it is, I now see that I shouldn't speed. It’s definitely unsafe to speed - especially for the health of my driving license!"

That interview
changed my life.

Food for Thought

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"If you do not change direction, you may end up
where you are heading."

- Lao-Tzu, b 604 BC, Confucian philosopher, literally "The Old Man."

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