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What's the Secret to being More Effective?

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Hanging on by a thread results from self sabotage
What's the secret to becoming more effective? This rarely asked question is actually far more productive than the one generally asked by most people: What should I do?

Life Strategies's focus is therefore on effectiveness. Investigation shows this increases not simply by changing what you do, but by improving the ground from which you make your decisions so that your actions can become more successful.

So concentrate on improving your context (conteXt - where you come from when you do what you do) rather than changing what you do - your content (conteNt). There's lots more about
the vital distinction between content and context here.
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Topics - Current Affairs

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Current events are fascinating. Mankind's endless ability to ignore the obvious consequences as well as the more hidden ones results in catastrophes usually described with the well worn phrase "We never saw it coming!" Yet there are none so blind as those who will not see.
>> Unqiue Perspectives
His unique perspectives on economics, government activities and interventions, the impact of economic programs, and the ongoing collapse of confidence in the government are rooted in his insights into:
>> More...
Current affairs are often discussed on his Google plus page.

There are also various article series on the LifeStrategies website, such as:

Questions for Interviews

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More or less any questions aimed at improving the fundamental ground underpinning the choices you make provide tremendous insights into assuring your success. This focus means that Life Strategies is very different to most all other forms of coaching. Some ways:
>> Initial Questions
  • Life Strategies says that although you think you make your own decisions, your decisions are not usually decisions or even yours at all. How come?
    [Answer: Your decisions stem from your thought processes and what you've been taught to think is right. Without changing either your though processes or what you think is right, your decisions won't change much either. When you think you make a choice, it's generally pre-determined by your context, which means you're not choosing after all.]
  • Life Strategies teaches that, in most every situation, you have only one choice to make. How come? The choices are often endless, how can this be?
    [Answer: In every situation, you make the fundamental decision to be positive - or to be negative. This decision is rarely made consciously, yet is the only real choice you have and you make it before you decide what to do.]
  • You say that Life Strategies is very different to most all other forms of coaching. How is it different? Just a few of the ways are...
    - our focus is to
    improve your context not what you do
    - to stop you believing your thoughts (that's being
    - to overcome
    your self sabotage
    - experiential (
    experience is the fourth of the 5 steps to mastery)
    - 100%
    money-back guarantee on coaching as well as all our products ...
  • A large part of Life Strategies is learning to overcome your self sabotage. What is self sabotage?
    - does everybody self sabotage?
    - what is the self-sabotage mechanism?
    - how do you overcome your self sabotage?
>> More...
  • How do you let go of what bothers you? Why is letting go so valuable?
  • Let's talk about stress, what is stress? How to reduce and eliminate it?
    a. Why is appreciation important to reduce stress?
  • It's said that being positive is important, why?
  • Judgment, some say it's important not to judge. Why is this?
  • What is inner power? How do you increase your inner power?
    a. Align your thoughts, words, and deeds.
    b. Keep your word, your commitments.
>> Other Questions
  • What is context?
    [Answer: Why do two identical lawyers kitty-corner at same intersection of town have such different results?]
    a. why is context so important?
    b. how do you change your context?
    c. It's said that having a positive context is important, why?
    d. Is controlling your thoughts really possible? How do you control your thoughts?
  • Telling the truth, why is truth so important?
    a. what about untruth, deception?
    b. why are some people such inveterate liars?
  • Life Strategies also has a highly effective process to change your life. What's involved? How do you change your life?
  • Arguments. Life Strategies offers a unique methodology for stopping arguments. How do you stop an argument?
  • Life Strategies offers its coaching clients a 100% money-back guarantee, not just on products. Yet no other coaches guarantee their coaching results. How can you afford to do this?
Life Strategies offers its coaching clients a 100% money-back guarantee, not just on products. Yet no other coaches guarantee their coaching results. How can you afford to do this?

When dynamic radio show host Al Cole recorded an interview with Cris, he actually declined to be given any questions upfront and just ran with questions that arose from looking at the web-site. A good place to start is probably
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Info on Cris

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Cris Baker has had much practice in adversity, he's been screwing things up for years! So he knows how to answer the important questions: Why are you in your current situation? What can you do to change it? For more info, see the full biographies here.

Although Cris is very spiritual (but not religious), Life Strategies is entirely secular. So you'll find only
hard headed practical observations and recommendations in the couple of hundred pages on the website. But there are some Zen quotes, and a mention of the still small voice of calm from the Bible somewhere...

media-room page also has photos of Cris as well as images of his published works, and there's more info at Enjoy exploring our dynamic site and we look forward to Cris being a valued guest on your show in the near future (these links open in a new tab).

Cris is based in Gibraltar, the other side of the Atlantic, where the day starts - and finishes - many hours earlier than in America. If your show is recorded, an interview in the morning will ensure he gets an uninterrupted night's sleep. Thanks for being considerate!
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Food for Thought

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“The central problem of illusion is not that it is unreal or fallacious, but that it seems real."

Socrates (469 BC–399 BC), classical Greek philosopher.

We fully guarantee everything. These time-tested secrets of success are delivered electronically - no waiting for delivery. Discover the truth about overcoming your self sabotage, stop reacting and arguing, find out why resistance doesn't work, and change your life.

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