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Towards the end of the 20th century, the principles of life had been little studied using the scientific method. Although not well appreciated, all actions have consequences and so the effort to understand life is tremendously rewarding. It helps to look at it scientifically - with an open mind!

Science is rational, and so Life Strategies applies scientific principles to study how life produces results. These principles imply that if you do not understand something, there must must be something you are missing. When you are missing something, the knowledge you have must be incomplete.

Realize how and why this is such great news, it lets you know you how to improve things. Be responsible for whatever you know, along with what's lacking, and then investigate to complete the void. Whenever you correct a mistaken belief, the behavior arising from that misguided belief will change automatically.
A highly effective way to improve any situation is to use fundamental principles to help discover the real cause. The seven basic questions are what, why and when it happens, where and how it occurs? Improvement is also helped when you know who else is in the same situation and which factors exacerbate it.

Your efforts will help you improve both your life and your results. With practice, you find out how to make life less stressful. It's not a myth, people can enjoy living even in less than ideal circumstances. So can you!

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The Rock of Gibraltar where Life Strategies is based
Life Strategies is based in Europe, Gibraltar, and helps people just like you all over the world. If you're an English speaking professional actively wanting to improve your life by overcoming your self sabotage and you recognize that doing only what works is key, then our program will help you. Are you willing to accept responsibility for your circumstances - both the good and the bad - and put in the effort needed to improve your life.

Your circumstances are the consequences of your choices so far; to improve just correct the mistakes in what you think is right. Most of the time, you do whatever you genuinely think is the right thing to do, yet your results demonstrate how often you can be genuinely mistaken!

Life Strategies explains how you use the fundamental principles of life in every moment. Unconsciously or consciously, you use them either for you - or against you. Rather than allowing your self-sabotage mechanism to work in the background, discover the highly effective strategies that will improve your life!

Cris Baker

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Lots of experience with undesirable consequences has given Cris much expertise in overcoming self-sabotage. Remaining sane meant he needed to develop an effective experiential process to reduce the stress resulting from all his mistakes. It works brilliantly, he enjoys a "Best Answer" rating of around sixty percent at Yahoo Answers.

Finding out what does work has mostly been by finding out what doesn't. He has enormous practical experience making him an expert in overcoming all sorts of failure, he's been screwing things up for years! :-) Don't be like him, part of British statesman and historian Winston Churchill's famous epigram:

"The only thing man learns from history is that
man does not learn from history!"

Learning from his mistakes will cause you way less pain and suffering. In exploring how he triumphed over his many stressful lessons, you will discover how to apply these crucial secrets yourself.
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Brief biography: Born in the U.K. at a very early age and based now in Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediterranean sea, Cris Baker first researched Life Strategies when in America. Never one just to accept someone's beliefs, his interests include economics, metaphysics, effectiveness, keeping fit, spirituality, and discovering the truth behind how the world actually works.

Early on, he realized that growth can be seen as the purpose for life, personal growth has been his passion for years. Effectiveness has been a lifelong interest, his computer company specializing in improving performance was very successful.
Repeating the same mistake again and again can be highly motivating. He found out that life continues to turn up the volume until he was forced to reexamine his strategy and change. Don't wait as long as he did, it can be very painful!

For example, he now knows he's not always right about everything. You probably know this already, but he found it an eye-opening revelation. He used to believe that "I do not know how" means it cannot be done. But "I don't know how" certainly does NOT mean it cannot be done. It simply means he doesn't have the know-how...

He's definitely no stranger to disasters of all and every kind. He's suffered the consequences of incorrect beliefs so often he's an acknowledged expert at knowing what doesn't work. So benefit from his expertise, the painful know-how gained by experience, rather than continue to suffer from all your mistaken (yet sincere) beliefs. Discover how you can improve your life by overcoming your self sabotage today!
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Not a substitute for psycho-analysis or therapy

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These strategies to overcome your self sabotage are only recommended for the healthy. If you're ill, have psychological issues, or you aren't well in any manner, please go and see a health professional! Do you like being right? The more you're open-minded, the less stressful you'll find improving your effectiveness to be.

The founders of psychotherapy are Jung and Freud a couple of hundred years ago. It mostly seems to emphasize fixing the past so you move on. Although troubled individuals find success, it often last for a significant period of time. And every passing moment creates more past to be analyzed...

Although some practitioners seem to believe their therapy services are the only way forward, the dramatic growth in competing avenues contradicts such close-mindedness. Results do speak volumes, so look at how fulfilled and relaxed they usually are, and you will see the effectiveness of any service.

Since therapy's focus is the past rather than the future, some psycho-therapists and psychologists are getting trained in more modern-day disciplines such as coaching, etc. Yet coaching focuses on answering the question what should you do?

Now action is totally necessary, but action without improving your context won't change your results much. Although a number of approaches can make improvements in your life, most only produce short-term effects. Why? because they fail to address the cause of the problem - your context.

Food for Thought

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“Just as surely as distress must follow self-deceit,
healing must follow self-honesty."

Vernon Howard, 1918-1992, American spiritual teacher, author, and philosopher

We fully guarantee everything. These time-tested secrets of success are delivered electronically - no waiting for delivery. Discover the truth about overcoming your self sabotage, stop reacting and arguing, find out why resistance doesn't work, and change your life.

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